to Festival Internacional de Marionetas 
do Porto 2021!

Igor Gandra · Artistic Director - Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto

Perpetual Ephemerality - Science and Politics on animated matter Part II


It can be both the answer to a row call and the name we give to the time we’re living in this precise and fleeting moment.

In this edition we selected works that in their own different ways are pressured between the past and the future – the being present. Be it by childhood memories; or through the revisiting of history, with its ghosts and myths; or even through promises of technical progress that feels so close and so out of reach, and fills us with hope and dread; or be it by opening the possibilities for alternative scenarios – They inspire FIMP’21.

The artists taking part in this year’s edition will bring stories, theories, experiments and day-dreaming – because day-dreaming is necessary, after all. In its own unique and surprising way, haunted by a poetry that can go from stillness to a leap, from science into a cry of laughter, animated matter is back on stage.

FIMP’21 program is filled with lots of exciting stuff. Shows, concerts, installations, sculpture, conferences and performances – through the artists work we will take a glimpse at the bizarre yet so familiar life that (in)animate objects live. Machines and bodies, puppets, objects, voices and images are reorganized to tell us about sciences and politics, either fictional or real, bringing new outlooks on the theme of this cycle that begun in 2020. In this year’s edition we will revisit the traditional Portuguese puppetry (…)

FIMP is a place to learn and grow. This festival is mostly aimed at adult audiences, but in this year’s edition we are paying a little more attention to the little ones, they rightly deserve it. Many of the activities contained in the program were specially created for them. It’s rightly so that to grow and to learn are tasks for life, for this reason this year’s program includes learning opportunities for professionals and amateurs. At FIMP we are still interested in meeting artists at work. Our WIP - work in progress are also back.

FIMP’s partners are crucially important through their sharing this Festival is made possible. We want to thank our partners: to Câmara Municipal do Porto and Teatro Municipal do Porto for their support and trust, so fundamental in these demanding times; to Teatro Nacional de São João for coproducing and hosting FIMP; Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos for renewing the partnership that began last year; to Sonoscopia our partner in programming; in this edition we welcome Coliseu do Porto that joins the FIMP builders group, as well as CRL – Central Elétrica that hosts part of the Festival; to Ministério da Cultura/ Direcção Geral da Artes whose support is still crucial for the making of this festival. We also want to thank all the teams of the participating venues, a group of men and women that through professionalism, dedication and creativity succeeded in overcoming the difficulties of these trying times. A special thanks to the artists and the audiences – the raison d’être of this gathering we call FIMP.

A present is also a gift, an offer. In this festival, that is also a party, may we all be present, and may we all be the future.

See you at FIMP!




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